Colonist A514 tells the future story of a teenage colonist aboard an outbound ship, held back in detention and tasked with learning the origins of life on Planet Earth to prepare himself for an unknown destination. It is a seated only experience - suitable for initial VR exposure - that hopefully offers an insight for modern day educators around the world into the immersive advantages that Virtual Reality can bring to the learning process.

As a future student you will be exposed to new teaching methods and tools in an environment where not everything is as it first appears. Engaging indoor and outdoor locations are used to immerse the player inside a body of knowledge and transform an otherwise overwhelming learning curve into a fun, engaging experience that will delight their senses.

I hope people everywhere have as much fun experiencing Colonist A514 as I did in creating it, and I sincerely hope that it finds its way into the hands of educational decision makers and provides them with the ammunition they need to convince schools of the importance of our new medium.